Lucy Knight

Something I learnt this morning

- Don’t book a flight with KLM if you think you might cancel it. They will s***w you on the refund.


Things I learnt this week

- Sausages, if not cooked to a crisp, are quite gross.

– 1 in 2 Syrians are either dead or a refugee.

– Telemedicine is more common than you might think.

– Life is just the same without Instagram.

– We will get to the promised land.

– Medellin, Colombia, an inspiration for societal integration, but it’s hitting a bumpy patch.

Some things I learnt this weekend




– A Ralph Emerson quote: “Earth laughs in flowers”. Lovely, and true.

– Even sitting in the shade on a windy beach is no guarantee against sunburn.

– Sun burn is the pits. And I already knew that. I thought sitting in the shade would prevent it.