Lucy Knight

What I’m re-learning in London

I’m back in London after six years. I’m re-learning a lot.

– London cyclists are like swarms of bees.

– London tube at rush hour is horrific.

– There are more Tescos than I thought possible.

– Men make weird noises at the gym.

– London cyclists think they’re in the Tour de France.

– Some London cyclists shouldn’t wear lycra.

– People vomit freely in the streets at night.

– Dating in London is no easier than Beirut.


What I learnt on a day trip to Tripoli

Bull balls

Bull balls

– There are three hammams. Only one in use.

– The one in use can be rented out by women.

– Tripoli comes from ‘tri polis’.

– In the souq they sell the testicles of bulls.

– Maybe within a year there will be a museum in the old citadel.

- Mamluk basically means ‘slave of’.


The wicker man.

The wicker man.

Not a useable hammam

Not a useable hammam.

A street.

A street.

Wicker man part 2.

Wicker man part 2.

What I learnt in Wadi Rum

- This time of year is your last chance to go before you’ll melt.

– You will get stopped for speeding.

– It is possible to look chic in a desert. I cannot though.