Lucy Knight

Things I learnt recently

- all about 0% balance transfer credit cards.

– the singular person pronoun ‘he’ appears in The Hobbit 1,900 times. ‘She’ appears once.

– that Geoffrey Boycott is a Yorkshire and England cricketer, not a political heavy weight.

– there was a bush covering a distance of more than 2,500 miles across India, planted by the British, in order to get a tax from the citizens.

– Anthony Scaramucci follows Geoffrey Boycott on Twitter.


Talking points

These are some things I want to talk about with others but only remember them when I’m alone:

– how do you feel about adults on scooters?

– do the actor Rowan Atkinson and London mayor Sadiq Khan look similar?

– will house prices ever go down to being affordable to normal people working in the city?

– should cyclists have to take a course, similar to that of a driving lesson, before taking to the streets of London?

– how practical is it really to get people to pass a course before hopping on a bike?

Some things I learnt recently

- A child under two will become very confused as to who ‘mummy’ is if she spends a week away from mummy, and in the company of multiple female relatives.

– You CAN eat too many toffees.

– Some adults don’t know how to use a loo brush.

– Some cyclists think using a fog horn to force themselves in between you and a bus, is acceptable road behaviour.