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What I learnt at the Dead Sea

- Don’t go to the Dead Sea for more than an hour. – There are giant mosquitos. – It is a really bizarre sensation to bob in water. – You can’t take canned tuna into the Dead Sea Spa Hotel. – There is nothing to do at the Dead Sea apart from bob in the […]

What I learnt in Petra

  – Once you get passed the treasury the other tourists dwindle. Massively. – You have to wear walking shoes if you go much beyond the treasury. – I don’t know how to use a DSLR camera. (Sorry English couple with baby). – ‘No’ doesn’t mean no to many men.     – Jack Sparrow […]

Something I learnt this morning

- Don’t book a flight with KLM if you think you might cancel it. They will s***w you on the refund. via GIPHY