Lucy Knight

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What I learnt this week

- Bumble is proving a¬†sorry way to meet men. – None of my coupled friends know any single males to introduce me to. – There are approximately six men you’ll meet at a salsa class lettuce leaf man (limp and soft in movements and hand holding) shy/scared man (he will look anywhere but at his […]

What I’ve learnt this week

- The plague was spread by nits (head lice), not rats. – Swimming front crawl after about 20 years is really hard. – Swimming goggles are really uncomfortable. – The Shard creates a wind tunnel outside the office. I must pass through it daily. – Borough Market really is $$$$. – Cycling from Old Kent […]

Things I’ve been reminded off this week

- I talk too much. – I still haven’t bought a sofa. – I’m terrible at doing personal admin. – I can’t remember if I saw the Bayeux Tapestry in real life or not. – Alcohol followed by a cigarette does not make me feel good. Or allow me to walk in a straight line.