What I learnt this week

by Lucy

- Bumble is proving a sorry way to meet men.

– None of my coupled friends know any single males to introduce me to.

– There are approximately six men you’ll meet at a salsa class

  • lettuce leaf man (limp and soft in movements and hand holding)
  • shy/scared man (he will look anywhere but at his partner)
  • bossy man (“I’m leading, you follow me!”)
  • bad breath man (no need to explain)
  • close encounter man (not quite¬†aware of a strangers personal space)
  • nice man (chatty, fun, came with a girlfriend)

– I feel the French fashion style is the one I want to make mine.

– I can’t stop looking like an English frump.

– I’m drinking too much coffee.

– I have three days of holiday before the end of the month!

– I’m going to go to Paris for three days.