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From our own correspondent: Graffiti in Lebanon

World Service Business Report: New cycle courier service in Beirut

From our own correspondent: The problem with basketball in Lebanon

World Service Outlook: Walking with Michel Moufarrage

World Service Sportshour: Lebanese basketball into the fray once again

World Service Sportshour: Cricket on the concrete, migrant workers bring their passion to Lebanon

World Service Outlook: A Syrian artist goes from abstract oil paintings to anti-Assaad cartoons

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Monocle 24

The Entrepreneurs: The slow start of e-retail in Lebanon

The Entrepreneurs: A new real estate option in Beirut 

The Entrepreneurs: Lebanon’s tourism industry turning inward

The Entrepreneurs: New additions brewing in Lebanon’s micro industry

The Entrepreneurs: New life for recycled glass in Lebanon

The Entrepreneurs: Has Circular 331 made all the difference to Lebanon’s startups?

The Globalist: Syrian animation artist Karim Qabrawi on life in Lebanon




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The Daily Beast

How to reap cybervengence


New Statesman

Confessions of a Kipper – is our monetary plight in part, our own fault?

I’m sticking with you – observations on love

Plumbers: the new City slickers?

Profile – Douglas Tompkins, from fashion to ecology, a one man mission to save the rainforest

David Cameron and wind turbines

Profile – Lawrence Anthony, the man with an Iraqi zoo on his rescue list

Profile – Elisabeth Pisani, an epidemiologist who knows the business of AIDS

Profile – Ben Walters, originated in New Jersey, now made in China. One man’s shoe story

Profile – Joss Garman, he’s young but he’s not dumb. At least Greenpeace don’t think so

Profile – Rory Stewart, so much and so young. Afghanistan, he’s a keeper


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With all these questions, am I still a Catholic?

The Catholic Herald

Taking to the streets


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My blog


The National

Artisan struggle in Lebanon

Graffiti art for the masses


Wall Street Journal

Only in Lebanon…Five unique and weird things to do


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Postcard from Beirut


The Economist

Lebanese craft beer’s latest addition

Middle East Eye

Syrian refugee women channel Antigone in Beirut

Lebanese food scandal working towards cleanliness

Lebanon’s entrepreneurs are up and coming

Time Out Beirut


Lebanese children’s author and publisher Rania Zaghir talks lack of imagination and ipads

Lebanese Rugby league have high hopes when it comes to the World Cup

Keeping keffiyehs and speeding up the internet

Jade’s advice? Never take yourself seriously

Chef Joe Barza is here to make you fat

Founder of the outrageous B 018 Naji Gebran gets nervous and hates copycats

Beirut’s pretty polluted and there’s harassment on the streets

British Ambassador Tom Fletcher is learning to watch his tongue – The Hot Seat


The IMF likes Lebanon but we the poor needs more exposure

MP Simon Abiramia likes to get on up to get down – The Hot Seat

A lovely literary trail through Baskinta

Too much litter and bad buildings but not enough blood

Fadi Salameh moves on from McDonald’s. It’s now all about water – The Hot Seat

Can’t get enough of the snow in Laklouk

Is the spicy game of movies going to director Georges Hachem’s head?

Move over hommous, here come the chicken dippers

Dodgy meat while slavery lives

The celebrity hungry Norwegians walking Lebanon – The Hot Seat

Quirky sculptures and a cute cottage in Rachana

Hackers get the government by the short and curlies, but only for a little while

Henry Dakak Jr’s ability to recycle with an antique twist

You can’t censor the NGO March’s Lea Baroudi

A holy corner shop of Mar Chaaya

Wise to laugh in the face of war?

Beirut’s mayor opens up about Die Hard

Sculpture landings in Aley

Olympic funding for Lebanon and Facebook ‘liking’ – not enough

And the ladies gathered for Wedgwood

Music producer Nagi Baz, just like a hitman

Beirut in stitches, one sofa at a time

Hadi Maktabi, a traveling carpet man

Fighting for gay rights in Lebanon

The winding streets of Bourj Hammoud

Cowgirl arguilehs do exist, in Jounieh

Metal, gas masks and flea market finds for two Bourj Hammoud brothers


Smoking bans and Lebanon’s ‘disappeared’

Waste not want not – First Thursdays at Tawlet

The souks of Saida

Nation building – The mandate man Patriarch Howayek

Tourists, Lebanon misses you

Beirut’s antique Mecca

For the love of the red, white and green

No dream is too big, even one involving a castle

Civil marriage in Lebanon: a small step into the present?

The tourism fail of Lebanon


Now Lebanon

Art in Exile – Iraqi artists in Beirut

Reshaping Letters – memories inspiring art

Digital storytelling and women – Bringing the fairer sex to the fore in the use of social media

Theatre of War – Emeric Lhuisset’s staging of war

Geeks taking over Beirut – they’re everywhere

Artistic collectives spring with hope

Experiments in sound – the Irtijal festival’s 13th addition

On the box – art from videos

Tasting the Middle East – Q&A with food blogger Bethany Kehdy

Cancellations – a summer of some gigs amidst Syria spillover

Bringing art to the shoppers – Beirut Art Week

Beirut looks East – South East Asia comes to the Beirut Art Fair

A artists’ retreat for Syrians in Lebanon

Talent on trial – Lebanon’s young film directors

Not only Arabic – a magazine with a difference

The city’s green list – first online guide to Beirut’s parks

A marriage of sound and vision – Beirut Dream Machine 2

Keeping artistic traditions alive – Lebanese nominees for the V&A’s Jameel Prize

From Brooklyn to Beirut  – American basketball players in Lebanon

Mightier than the sword – the recovery of a library in Tripoli


Selections, Beirut

The art of philanthropy – Jean Boghossian’s artistic mission

In the eye of the beholder – How to buy art

Katharine Pooley is here – New interiors store for Qatar

From the pencils to the pot – Designer Dante Donegani in Lebanon

Fantastical feet – Ferragamo’s fairytale exhibition

Not just a girl’s best friend – Fawaz Gruosi


B Journal, Kuwait

48 hours in Beirut – for the bachelor


J Magazine, Jazeera Airways 

Art and the city – alternative places to find art in Dubai


BOLD, Lebanon

Syria’s textile manufacturers continuing to produce

Lebanon’s love of vodka gets local