Lucy Knight

What I learnt this week

- I need google maps in London

– Everything in London is so far apart.

– Santander bikes are heavy.

– People walk while on their phones.

– Must get a bike that isn’t heavy.

– Men make weird noises in the gym sauna.

– Watching BBC iPlayer on my phone is a dangerously good substitute for a TV.

– It’s very easy to write ‘lolz’ into a work email if you’re yapping away.

What I learnt this week

- A woman can be in labour for about a week.

– Washing your lettuce is a good idea.

– Dating in London is hard.

– Seeing friends in London can be even harder.

– A lot of people drink alcohol at lunch time.

– Eating at your desk will cause nothing but pain.

– It is possible to fall over in Pret a Manger without crushing your egg sandwich.

– A lot of people don’t like egg sandwiches.

What I’m re-learning in London

I’m back in London after six years. I’m re-learning a lot.

– London cyclists are like swarms of bees.

– London tube at rush hour is horrific.

– There are more Tescos than I thought possible.

– Men make weird noises at the gym.

– London cyclists think they’re in the Tour de France.

– Some London cyclists shouldn’t wear lycra.

– People vomit freely in the streets at night.

– Dating in London is no easier than Beirut.